The Manifestation Detox.

Let's clean out the manic manifesting & detox your mental diet.


About Me.

Authentic & Optimistic

My goal has always been about staying true to myself. Throughout my life I've always been the weird optimistic one who would have things just fall into place for. 

Once I dove deep in to the Law of Attraction I realized that it was my positive outlook and constant faith in my intuition that brought me my "luck".

While learning more about LOA, manifestation and conscious creating, I became overwhelmed with options, my vision of myself became muddy, and things just weren't clicking.
Then I discovered the teachings of Neville Goddard and it all came back together for me.

I use his lectures as inspiration and guidance through my courses & coaching. 

Showing that you can have whatever you want while being who you want, without a lot of time commitments or work.

I created The Manifestation Detox to clean out what's feeling toxic in your mindset, wipe out the blocks & baggage you've been carrying around and get your desires showing up faster!

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The Tools

Manifesting Do's & Don't's

Your basic guide on how to consciously create your desires.

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I booked a coaching call with Katrina yesterday as I had an upcoming court case and she helped me with visualizing the successful outcome. 
I did that before I went to bed last night. I'm SO happy and relieved to say that the judge ruled in my favour and I won my case today! Guys, faith, belief, and the law of assumption is 100% real. I can't wait to manifest more!

Demy W.